Custom Glazing System Repair

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Impact Fire Services front entry wet seal.

Since 2009, Impact Fire Services has established itself in a wide range of industries as a trustworthy full service fire protection expert. Impact Fire has only increased their reach, now with locations inside 15 districts across the country.

Just northwest of Federal & Hampden in Englewood sits their Colorado office. We were called to take a look at a troublesome atrium built over their front entry. Leaking was the major concern but moisture between the panes of glass began to collect. Upon inspection, we found the seals within the custom glazing system to have failed.

A lot of older, custom built skylights systems like this one unfortunately were limited to inferior designs when originally installed 20+ years ago. The seam where the framing meets glass (the seal) is a critical component of any daylight system. Over time, that thin barrier that separates the inside from outside deteriorates and allows moisture to gather and eventually wreak havoc.

At this point of its life, there’s normally only two options:
1. Full Replacement
2. Attempt Repair

We’re proud to offer our own custom skylight system, called MAGS BAR, that we highly recommend in every appropriate circumstance. Allowing us to install our own patented system guarantees you long-term protection and gives you the ability to customize product to suit your buildings needs.

However, we recognize some companies are operating within a budget and leaks from your building’s skylights are seldom planned for. Thanks to our 40+ years in the industry and our solid foundation of skilled technicians, we’re able to provide alternative remedies to a relatively costly full replacement.

The results:

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