CPI Barrel Vault Skylight Retrofit for the Iliff Building

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The existing skylight over the atrium of the Iliff building is a cluster of 5 barrel vault skylights side by side. This older style of skylights has inherent problems:

  • The gutters that run between each barrel vault have become the origin of leaks and clogging.
  • The acrylic is old and faded and the light transmittance has lessened with time.
  • The acrylic has become brittle and breakage is imminent.

We supplied and installed one polycarbonate Quadwall barrel vault skylight by CPI Daylighting to replace the existing five skylights.

The skylight retrofit will utilize the existing framework as collar ties to resist the thrusts of the new skylight.

One of the challenges for the installation crew is the electrical conduits that have been run along the gutter and curb flashing. Care must be taken when installing the new flashing.

Product Used:


  • Quadwall is the assembly of two individual panels separated by an insulating air space. The dual paneled system allows for more control over light transmittance, solar heat transmittance, colors and insulation levels.
  • The large barrel vault installed over the existing space where 5 barrels vaults now sit will negate the need for the gutters. This removes the number one origin of the leaks.
  • The polycarbonate is hail resistant, unlike the acrylic.
  • Translucent daylighting will eliminate direct sunlight into the atrium, hot spots on the floor, and reduce glare.
  • The increased insulation will improve energy loss and solar heat gain.


  • Correct the daylighting and solar heat levels required for the space.
  • Reduce dependence on electric lighting—increase energy savings.
  • The owners will love the energy savings provided by the new skylights.
  • Increase the facility’s property value.
  • Healthy, natural daylight in the space with soft translucent light and accurate color rendition.
  • No required maintenance or re-coating costs—individual exterior panels  are easily replaced.
  • In work environments, increased daylighting has been shown to increase productivity.
  • In retail environments, increased daylighting has been shown to increase sales by as much as 40%.

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