Barrel Vault Retrofit | Littleton Day Surgery

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We were hired by B & B Builders to replace eleven half round, acrylic, barrel vault skylights located on the Littleton Day Surgery center. The building was completed in 1985 and the skylights were long overdue for replacement. We conducted a survey in 2009 and they were not in good shape then!

(1) unit(s)- 8.33′ wide x 46.00′ long odc.
(2) unit(s)- 8.33′ wide x 16.25′ long odc. (To be replaced with one unit.)
(8) unit(s)- 8.33′ wide x 8.33′ long odc.

We can’t interrupt the scheduled surgeries.

One of the  project’s major concerns was to complete the project without disrupting the normal operation of this eye surgery center. With careful planning and our experienced crew, we were able to start the project after business hours on a Friday and complete it before the center opened for business on Monday.

A major upgrade!

The CPI Daylighting Quadwall® system offers the best ratio of insulation to light transmission and should significantly reduce heating/cooling costs. All while supplying superior daylighting—Anti-glare and diffused light meets and exceeds energy code requirements.

In addition, replacing the tandem units with one unit eliminates  a major source of problems—the nearly inaccessible gutter between two units.

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