Aspen Fire Place Single Slope Skylight

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Product used:

  • Kingspan L+A (1) unit(s)-16MM SKIN SINGLE SLOPE 22.00′ wide x 8.75′ long odc. 22.68′ on slope odc. 198 sq.ft. Pentaglas® glazing.
  • Pentaglas 16 Specifications

Quadwall RST – Removable Skin Technology

  • REPLACE exterior glazing panel without exposing the building’s interior.
  • EXTEND building envelope longevity. The interior panel is always shielded.
  • RAINSCREEN PRINCIPLE – Equilibrium of air pressure between the outside and inside of the “rainscreen” prevents water penetration into the building itself.
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT – Provides the best ratio of insulation (U-Factor) to visual transmittance (VT%).
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE DAYLIGHTING – Glare-free diffused daylighting.

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