Anchor Center for Blind Children Wall Lights Installation

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Controlling Glare and Utilizing Daylight with a Wall Lights Installation

Anchor Center for Blind Children teaches visually impaired infants,  young children and their families. Children  with blindness learn in different ways than sighted children, and both their learning environment and activities need to be adapted to their unique needs.

The architect on this project wanted an indirect light for the long hallways and different areas where windows could not be installed. You may wonder why you would want daylighting for a facility that caters to the blind. Keep in mind people that are blind don’t always see complete black. In fact bright daylighting can help them see better. And natural daylighting benefits everyone, including faculty and visitors.

What we Did:

  • The solution was to create clerestories, or wall lights, above eye level. This allows the light to strike the walls and reflect its way into the interior and reduces glare.
  • The architect wanted a continuous panel, without obstructions, across the entire exterior of the building. We were able to deliver exactly that. Even though the manufacturer thought it could not be done.
  • This building was wood frame construction and had many changes happening to the design and plans even as it was being built. We were able to have product shipped to the site cut to rough lengths. Then we were able to adjust to the changing conditions of the building and build the wall lights on site.
  • Hindsight proved our planning to be correct. The wall lights opening sizes and other details did change after we placed the order. There were no costs or delays waiting for those changes to take place in a factory.

Product Used:

  • CPI Daylighting 16mm Single Panel Pentaglas Translucent Wall Cladding—100% field fabricated.


  • The architect was very pleased with the appearance and the onsite adjustments and the quality of light that she had hoped for in her design.
  • This product was shipped on time, the job was completed on time and the project was under budget.


  • Corrected the daylighting and solar heat levels required for your space.
  • Realized the benefits of healthy, natural daylight in the space with soft translucent light and accurate colors.
  • No required maintenance or re-coating costs—individual exterior panels easily replaced.
  • Increased the facility’s property value.

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