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It starts on the ground.

The primary frame pieces will be assembled on the ground. These are the pieces that will position everything else. The fit around the elevator and access columns is critical.

The lift into position.

With temporary braces to keep it square, it’s time to go topside.

Frame work progresses.

With the successful placement of the primary rafters, the remaining rafters are brought up to the roof and set into place one by one. and positioned and permanently anchored.  All of the rest of the frame was completed, fastening it to the four shafts.


Success! | Setting the Glazing.

Time is needed to install all the rubber gasketing onto the frame and to also make sure the frame is caulked properly and cleaned prior to setting the glass. The glazing is actually set quite quickly, although time is needed to install silicone butt joints as you go.

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Flashing is what connects the glass to the curb and to the shafts in a watertight fashion. It is not as fun or as dramatic as setting glass, however it is a very important part of the process in order to have a weatherproof project for many decades to come.

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