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New commercial tubular skylight introduced in 2010

Have you been waiting for a commercially designed tubular skylight instead of a residential design, like Solatube or Velux’s Sun Tunnel? Entech Solar has done just that. They have a superior product design, both in light quality and in installation design.

Architects and especially builders will appreciate the light and options in the installation over it’s competitors. The Entech product ships flat, for space savings, and can be installed by HVAC contractors. The general contractor can order it’s own self flashing curbs, so that there are no delays in getting the roof insulation or membrane in place.

We are excited to launch Entech Solar?s innovative skylight product for sustainable and green building initiatives. It makes good business sense as well as being good for our environment.

– COO; Sean Rooney
Entech Solar

Simplicity is the key. Ease of installation is the cost savings. Quality of light is the bonus.

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