Custom Overhead Glazing with MAGS Bar

How to Create Inexpensive Custom Overhead Skylights that Work!

We have many contractors that have a need to enclose a portion of their roof with glass and have tried “cheap” methods before that did not work. They then look at premanufactured products that take time for design, shop drawings and manufacturing. Many times they don’t have the time to wait , nor the money in the budget.

We use a product called MAGS Bar that is an aluminum glazing bar with condensation gutters and neoprene gasketing. We install this over an existing support structure, (typically 3″ wide minimum) cutting to fit on site. Details for the sill or roofing or walls is simple and weatherproofed with flashing. The system has a scew down compression cap with a beauty cap that can be installed for a cleaner look. The sytem is fool-proof as long as details are followed accurately.

We use this system with confidence and have never had a problem with leaks, etc. It is simple to replace any glass in the future, simply remove beauty cap and compression cap and reassemble after the glass is replaced.

Glazing can be glass or triple wall polycarbonate. (cut on site to fit)

The MAGS Bar comes in dark bronze anodized and has a thermal break around the edges. We send it off to the powder coaters if we want any other color.

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