Why Experience Counts in the Skylight World

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How Condensated Glass Could Have Been Avoided

Insulated Glass (IG) Units are assembled and sealed in a factory. Some manufacturers will install a breather tube that allows the glass to equalize the air pressure from where it was manufactured to the job site.

The only problem is that some installers are not aware that they are supposed to pinch this tube off. Our job in Florida that had condensated glass was caused by the original installers either not knowing about or not doing their job completely. The glass failed prematurely and the owners had to pay to fix it. There were other problems, frames installed out of square, improper flashing under the skylight, etc., but the unpinched tubes was the one little thing that the installers failed at that cost the homeowner lots of money.

This is why it is important to pay to have skylight installations and repairs completed by professionals. It is the 5% that people don’t know how to do that costs people time and money.

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