Warehouse Natural Lighting


Turn a dark dungeon into a place where people want to work

We have previously installed skylights in warehouses or warehouse type buildings so the owners could save money by turning off their lights. They were interested in lowering their overhead costs so that they could keep more of their profit.

Skylights installed over the central courtyard of the American Furniture Warehouse in Denver, CO.

What they discovered was that there were benefits that they had not considered:

  1. First off their electricity bills were lower by far, as expected.
  2. They no longer had to pay as much in light bulb cost.
  3. They did not have to pay for the labor to change the bulbs, which was substantial.
  4. Their “lost” work days dropped so dramatically that they thought there was an error in their reporting. Employees stopped calling in “sick” so often.
  5. Their production rose. People were happier. People were no longer depressed about working inside the dreary building. Employees voluntarily did things for the company that they previously wouldn’t have considered. They appreciated the investment the company made in their well-being.

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