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Skylights Survive Direct Hit from Hurricane Irma

Glass Skylights Ride Out the Storm The old skylights on top of the eight story building at the Lausanne Condominiums were constructed of acrylic and an old ball and strut designed framework. The Lausanne board  members decided they should replace the system because of signs of wear and tear, such as rusted anchor bolts, crazing … Continue reading Skylights Survive Direct Hit from Hurricane Irma

V-Tech Skylights

Secure Skylights that are break-in proof Here is an outstanding testimonial letter we recently received from Brian Prindiville with the Fresno Unified School District in California. Vandals tried to break into the Starr Elementary School through a skylight this past September, 2012. What the vandals didn’t know was that they were trying to break their … Continue reading V-Tech Skylights