Solar Tracking Skylights

Skylights that track the sun and reflect into the interior space

Solar Tracking Skylights consist of highly reflective mirror panels within a clear plastic enclosure, which move continuously to follow the sun’s position in the sky.

By aligning to the exact position of the sun, the mirrors reflect light down into the space that would be otherwise lost due to the low incident angle of the sun through much of the day.

Years of research and development have resulted in a patented solar tracking and reflective optical system to capture the maximum amount of sunlight when the sun is at low angles in the sky. This is especially the case near sunrise and sunset, throughout the day during winter months and all year long in northern latitudes.

Benefits of Solar Tracking Skylights vs. Conventional Skylights

  • Greater light levels for a longer duration of the day
  • Generates up to 4x the light levels
  • Lower initial cost and ongoing expense

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