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Skylight Specialists, Inc. offers solutions and results to mall owners and others across the country.

Malls have a few things in common not seen by customers or even the tenants until something has gone wrong. Daylighting in the form of skylight systems or clerestories is one of them. They are great sources of natural daylighting. Our company has invested time and energy into educating mall owners and management the need for daylighting, but of course the proper daylighting. Visiting malls where the skylights or clerestory have old fiberglass, acrylic or glass has failed and is desperately in need of repair or replacement can be a costly experience, in lost sales, for the shop owners and the mall. We have taken the old, dismal, yellowish hue broadcasted by failed systems and replaced it with a better performing skylight system. Once the replacement has taken place, the space below is brighter and studies show customers want to be there. If they are there they will spend money.

We have three such malls here in our own back yard where Skylight Specialists was called to remedy many problems. Foothills Mall, Southwest Plaza and Chapel Hills, and we have done other malls all over the country.

We recently returned from Florence KY just across the river from Cincinnati. They wanted to tone down the light before summer. With our expertise, we were able to show them it wasn’t the amount of light that needed to be lowered but the heat gain. We provided an option they had not thought of. We tinted the clerestory glass with a commercial grade tint from Enpro.

With the tinting done and other repairs made they can’t wait for summer to return to Kentucky. Frankly the rest of the country can’t wait till summer.

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