Sikes Senter – Wichita Falls Texas Skylight Replacement Project

Sikes Senter – Wichita Falls Texas Skylight Replacement Project


Converting a 3 bay cluster low rise skylights into one large pyramid skylight creates a better design.

Light quality is vastly improved and leaks eliminated!

The reported problem with these particular skylights was the dismal light transmittance which caused everything inside to look dreary and yellow-toned. Additionally, the gutters between the skylights were constant leak sources and the single domes had virtually no insulation factors whatsoever.

Skylight Specialists, Inc. removed the low rise barrel vaults, raised the curbs, closed off the gutter and installed one structural Quadwall polycarbonate pyramid skylight, manufactured by CPI Daylighting, which spanned three skylights, eliminating the gutter problem. This removed the gutters from ever being a problem in the future.

The skylight specifications are a polycarbonate 10mm over 8 mm 4” think panels in a structural pyramid skylight. This corrected the gutter problem, increased the thermal performance of the daylighting and increased the light transmittance all at once. The Mall’s customers agree the light is better now with the soft translucent light and the owners love the energy savings enjoyed by the new skylights.


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