Salinas, CA

Commercial Skylight Repair at Quadrangle Shopping Mall

We were contacted a few months ago about a problem with severe leaks from 24 out of 96-8×8 curb-mounted skylights. We asked the maintenance department to send us pictures, which they complied. After examining the pictures we expressed an interest in seeing the skylights in person. We determined that in this case (Which is not always the case) the report of the leaks did not match up to what we were seeing in the pictures. After an onsite fee was negotiated, we made a trip to the location and found the problem. In this particular case the gutters in-between the skylights had a negative slope, or in other words; they did not drain properly. Subsequently we provided a bid to slope the gutters properly and to provide a new rust-free gutter pan to prevent future leaks. We are scheduled to repair the skylights in early November 2005 and will report how the job went.

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