Wet Seal Repair | Hotel Atrium

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This skylight has a problem with leaks.

We will be returning to complete a wet seal on the remaining glass units of the pyramid skylight. 3/11/21

We were asked by managers of the Embassy Suites by Hilton Charlotte Concord Golf Resort & Spa to inspect the atrium skylight to determine the source of their problems and to come up with solutions.

A sampling of the problems we found.

Upon inspection, numerous problems were discovered which could be summed up as the deterioration of the silicone sealant. Our recommendation was to perform a wet seal of the top four bays of the pyramid skylight.

A wet seal will solve many of the problems.

The managers accepted our bid and the wet seal was begun promptly. A wet seal consists of clearing the deteriorated sealant and using proper techniques to apply new Dow Corning structural sealant to the system.

A typical problem is wet sealed:

  • Strip the old caulking and clean glass.
  • Mask and caulk the seam.
  • When the caulk is set, strip the masking tape.
  • Rinse and repeat!

The project progresses:

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  1. I have a customer needing a skylight serviced and caulked up and sealed as it is leaking it’s location is roof top and is center focal point and massive. Location is in Ann Arbor Michigan don’t know if you service where you service or if you have people around Orcutt point me in the right direction thank you for your time


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