Unit Skylight Retrofit – Promontory Condominiums

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Promontory Condominiums is located in extreme southeast  Denver near the intersection of I-25 and I-225. There are six buildings comprising 72 units, situated on 7.5 acres of land.

Each building has three barrel vault skylights that were severely damaged earlier this year during one of Colorado’s violent hailstorms and require a unit skylight retrofit.

We Will Supply and Install Custom Skylight Retrofits.

The skylights are being manufactured by American Skylights. This company takes a different approach to skylights—all skylights are made to order. With accurate measurements, a perfect fit is insured. With a delivery time of two to three weeks. An economical skylight with very good value for the buck.

The Surrounding Metal.

As you see in the images above, each skylight curb sits atop another curb. This curb is flashed in metal that has been abused by hail and time. We will be replacing that metal in addition to the skylight retrofits.

Product Used:

  • American Skylights:
  • (18) 27.5″ x 255.5″ bronze / clear 6 bay barrel vault skylights with vertical ends.


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