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The damaged skylight:

The damage:

We will replace the fire damaged skylight with an Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope skylight.

Materials and equipment are onsite.

Making it safe.

All of the materials and equipment have been been craned up to the roof and the crew is ready to setup for the skylight retrofit. First up is installing a work platform and safety nets to catch any debris or dropped items.

Getting down to business:

There are two operations running simultaneously—the retrofit and the repair. As a part of the crew continues with the wet seal, the other part is prepping for the retrofit. They built three new frame sections and set them over the old skylight to prepare for the switch. A glass rack was built and the crates were opened and glass was organized for the next step,

Opening an area where the flashing was roofed over to investigate what the process for replacement would involve, another safety issue was revealed. If the bolts retaining the old skylight were cut or unscrewed, there was a potential for parts to fall to the atrium below. A box will be built to catch all nuts and washers.

Product Used:

  • SKYLIGHT: (1) 20’ x 64’ Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope BMS 3000 glass ridge skylight with vertical ends.
  • FLASHING: One-piece aluminum flashing (9” maximum stretch-out) @ sill.
  • CLOSURE: One-piece aluminum closure @ gable.
  • FINISH: Kynar “500” standard 2-coat (Aged Copper) (395F502) painted finish.
  • OUTER GLASS: (1/4” H.S. standard green tinted low-E (#2) glass)
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We will perform a wet seal on the other 2 old leaking ridge skylight systems with new DC795 high-grade structural silicone sealant. This will include 2253 linear feet ranging across 128 bays. The scope includes proper cleaning of lens edges to insure proper silicone adhesion.

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It will also include a pull test on the new silicone applied (performed by Skylight Specialists per manufacture specs with Hilton representative).

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