skylight repair 23975
  • 6XXX Hillcrest Ln
  • Indianapolis,
  • IN
  • 46220

The Owners Have a Problem.

This residence has a 14′ x 20′ glass ridge light. The owner’s have not been able to successfully repair the skylight using local contractors and have temporarily covered the skylight to stop the leaks..

Not a Typical Skylight.

This skylight is much larger than the typical residential skylight and would be considered a larger medium skylight in the commercial realm.

It is also an extremely effective way to bring daylight and sunlight into a living space. It captures light from a much broader portion of the sky and changes throughout the day.

Can be very dramatic and is dependent on orientation.

We Have a Cost Effective Solution.

Frustrated, the owners reached out to us.

Our crews have worked on hundreds of similar skylights. And a hundred times larger. They have pretty much seen it all and will address the core issues from the beginning.

We work safely. We stand behind our work but we do not anticipate warranty repairs—we fix it right the first time.

Efficient Crews.

Experience. Expertise. Safety. Low Warranty Costs.

This efficiency allows us to be cost competitive. After all, round trip airfare to Indianapolis is $158.00 .

More to Come!

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