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Skylight Inspection/Certification

  • An onsite skylight survey and inspection will be made by Skylight Specialists, Inc.
  • Represented by Josh Hannon

Skylight on site: One large structural ridge over atrium.

Skylight Manufacturer: Custom Builder

1. Skylight Manufacturer: Custom Builder

  • One (1) 55′ wide x 73′ long glass ridge structural 80’s era skylight.
  • Glazing: Clear, glass, dual glazed, fall protected  
  • Structure: Adequate spacing and size structural aluminum frame.
  • Anchors: Adequate anchor size and count around perimeter.
  • Curbs: Adequate height.
  • Rating: (1-10 scale) 6.5
  • Expected Life Span: 1-3 years.
  • Evaluation: Skylight Specialists identified nine (9) total sections of glazing to replace due to seal failure. The system itself is in acceptable condition but glazing must be replaced.

As you may have guessed, full replacement of failed glazing was our recommendation. Our crew proposed to replace all nine (9) sections over a 3-day span with the help of a crane to get the new glass on the eleven-story roof.

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