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Skylight Inspection/Certification

  • An onsite skylight survey and inspection at the DoubleTree by Hilton Newark Airport was made on 9/9/2021 by Skylight Specialists, Inc.
  • Represented by Josh Hannon.

Skylight on site: One very large three sectioned single slope over atrium.

1. Skylight Manufacturer: Custom Build

One (1) 72′ x 330′ (nominal) glass, single-slope, structural 90’s era skylights.

  • Glazing: Glass, clear, dual glazed, heat strengthened laminate, fall protected.
  • Structure: Perimeter supported, adequate
  • Anchors: Anchoring system is weathered but appropriate count and support around perimeter.
  • Curbs: Curbs low to roof, wrapped in roofing material. No interior evidence of roofing leaks.
  • Flashing: Existing roofing material acts as weatherproofing for existing skylight curbs. No leaks or obvious issues visible.
  • Rating: (1-10 scale) 6.0
  • Expected Life Span: 1-3 years.
  • Evaluation: Given the reports of leaking and the evidence of seal failure on the exterior, this skylight system is due for maintenance in the form of resealing.

This extremely large single-slope glazing system has typical signs of seal failure as water has gained entry into the framing channels. The system does not need to be replaced but must be maintenanced to avoid slow leaks that will continue and can potentially develop interior damage and/or compromise of structure.

  1. Priority 1 – Immediate (must be done; leaks, life safety etc.)
    a. Do not let any personnel or visitors access to the roof without proper fall protection training and equipment.
  2. Priority 2 – Short Term (should be done within the next year or two)
    a. Perform reseal of entire skylight system.
  3. Priority 3 – Long term (within 5 years or more)
    a. Re-inspect every five years

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