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Repairing Retractable Skylights In Tennessee.

Gears, Motors And Bears, Oh My! 

Over in the Great Smoky Mountains of Gatlinburg, Tennessee is the lovely Glenstone Lodge. A gorgeous indoor pool boasts two levels and cascading waterfalls. The overhead barrel vault skylights are retractable to allow beautiful daylight and fresh air in as well.  Repairing retractable commercial skylights is something that we have done several times. We always enjoy a new challenge. 

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It All Starts With A Consultation

In November of 2016, Rob Packard agreed to arrange a site visit for the Glenstone Lodge.  He was able to investigate the retractable barrel vault skylights to determine the overall age and deterioration of the motors and gears. retractable 23927 1.jpg

Rob has always had a passion for things mechanical and has worked on several other similar retractable skylights with failing systems. Often parts are too old and can be difficult to find. In this case we were able to locate the proper vent drive system.  

The Nuts And Bolts 

In order for the retractable skylights to start opening and closing again we will install a new vent control system. One skylight will be the master and the other skylight will be the follower.  Consequently, this will allow both motors to operate at the same time. The new system will have built-in limit switches that are adjustable. The switch relays to the motor when to stop upon completion of the open or close function. We will adapt the new motors to the old chain drive system, which will be repaired, and wire them with the new controllers. To eliminate the squeaks and squeals that it currently has the wheels that the skylights roll on will be replaced. retractable 23927 8.jpg


Gearing Up For Departure To Gatlinburg!

(Last Pun, I Promise.)

Over the summer in 2018 we will look to have these skylights back in working order. Finally, we cannot promise we will not enjoy the beautiful Smoky Mountains. However, we can promise we will have a successful repair for the folks at Glenstone Lodge. retractable 23927 2.jpg

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