Quaker Bridge Mall | Skylight Replacement

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Skylight Specialists, Inc. is the General Contractor on the entire project and work begins July of 2019.

Skylight Specialists, Inc. will provide and install a new skylight design that will replace the barrel vaults with an Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope (OBE) BMS 3000 system—a tinted glass structural ridge skylight with vertical endwalls. This will feature updated gutters, high performance insulated glass and correct all issues with leaks.

Additionally, we will replace all of the single sloped polycarbonate panels with new CPI Daylighting polycarbonate Quadwall panels.

With a job of this size, preparation takes a significant amount of time. Such as safety meetings with everyone, taking deliveries of lumber and the skylight frame, cordoning off a zone in the mall. Tools and lumber must be lifted to the roof and moved to the work area. Setting up fencing around the OBE frame and dumpster.

Part of the crew removes the old barrel vault skylights while another part of the crew constructs the work platform that will also act as a temporary cover for the opening while the structural ridge skylight is erected. We go to great lengths to minimize disruption of the mall’s daily routine and maintaining a weatherproof operation.

A day in the life…

Started the day setting glass on our prepped frame. We set 32 pieces of glass. We started cleaning the interior glass. We inserted backer rod and caulked butt joints. A storm caught us by surprise before we could get water tight, so there was major leaking in the mall interior. We vacuumed as much water as we could, while preparing the tarps to seal everything. We were able to get the whole system water tight by the end of shift. We secured all trash.

Quaker Bridge Mall rain 24602-9789
Sweeping water down the drain.

Sprinkler installation.

The four single slope skylights surrounding the center court atrium skylight will be replaced with CPI Daylighting Quadwall polycarbonate panels.

With work completed by other subcontractors—painting and drywall repair—our crew is able to begin removing the work platform that was use to install the glass skylight. Most of the work is being done at night to eliminate disturbing the mall’s daily routine.

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