Quadrangle Center Skylight Repair

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Fix My Skylights Or We Are Moving!

Monterey County Department of Social Services couldn’t stand to have leaking skylights any longer. Their ultimatum to the owner was, fix my skylights, and fix them properly this time, or we are moving.

The owner took it to heart because they were the largest tenant he had. Two things were important to him:

  • Can you fix the leak?
  • Can you keep my costs down?

What We Did:

  • We avoided upfront costs by evaluating the problem from pictures provided by the owner. Once a contract was signed we visited the site to confirm conditions.
  • Once on the site, we found a different problem than what the pictures had shown.The good news was we could repair it for the same price.
  • The cluster system is one of the harder systems to work on because of the difficulty in maintaining positive water drainage. This client was lucky because of existing conditions.
  • Installed wedge shaped Styrofoam shims in the gutter to drain water to the outside. This can be tricky because the water needs to drain in two opposing directions.
  • Raised the curbs to create the space needed for the newly sloped gutters.
  • Painted the curbs prior to installation to reduce exposure to the elements when the skylights were removed.

Product Used:

  • Styrofoam wedges to increase the gutter’s slope.
  • Flintastic neoprene and granulated roofing material.


  • The owner expressed that he had told others many times, “Fix my skylights”. He had no idea that the problem was not the skylights but the gutters sloping to the middle of the skylight, instead of the edges. No one else could see that or knew how to fix that problem.
  • The work was done quickly, the problem of leaking “skylights” went away. (It was really the gutters that were leaking)


  • Increase the facility’s property value.
  • No required maintenance.

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