Notre Dame Catholic Church Skylight Replacement

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Notre Dame existing skylight
The existing skylight leaked and was in poor condition.

Contacted with a complaint of a leaking skylight, we performed an inspection and found a saddle ridge unit with a cracked lens and in generally poor condition.

The original design called for one rafter splitting the skylight into two sections. Through the years this design has proven to be flawed because there is too much stress applied to the acrylic. The ridge is weakened because of the bend and this is always where the cracks show up. By redesigning the system with three rafters, we reduced the stress on the ridge and therefore were able to keep the same design with better results.

What We Did:

  • The cost effective solution was to replace the two bay saddle ridge with a new unit of the same size and style.
  • By changing the design to four bays instead of two, we were able to increase the strength of the individual acrylic panels and reduce stresses caused by expansion and contraction.
  • Disposed of the existing skylight.

Product Used:

  • Skyline Sky-Lites 4x4x8 four bay saddle ridge clear/clear acrylic .

New Notre Dame Skylight
The new Skyline Sky-Lites saddle ridge replacement


  • Improved daylighting and solar heat levels for the space.
  • Increased energy savings.
  • Reduced required maintenance or re-coating costs.
  • Prevented long term structural damage.

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