MAGS Bar Retrofit | Cluster Skylight

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Rio Grande Co., a distributor, producer and fabricator of building materials, has multiple locations throughout Colorado. At this location on Santa Fe Dr. they supply masonry, concrete, stucco, tile products and associated tools and equipment.

A ten bay, acrylic, cluster skylight sits over the entrance to the building and has definitely surpassed its useful service life.

The project:

We will replace the skylight with Skylight Specialists’ Multiple Application Glazing System—MAGS Bar—and new bronze over clear pyramid dome sets.

Removing the old system.

A large step with this project is stripping the large amount of caulk and other material that covers the retaining screws of the original skylights. Once that task is completed, the removal of the system proceeds rapidly.

Installing the new MAGS Bar system.

While part of the crew works on cutting the MAGS Bar components to size, the rest of the technicians concentrate on applying adhesive underlayment and perimeter flashing to the curbs. The base framework is attached to the curb and the new dome sets are installed with compression bars to hold them in place. Structural silicone sealant is applied to finish the project.

The finished results:

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