Holiday Inn Hotel Skylight Retrofit

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Damaged Hotel Skylight by Well-Meaning Hotel Employee

The problem with the hotel skylight was monumental and it was self-created because the owner’s own employee claimed that he could fix it. Fix it he did!

This skylight was originally designed to slide open to provide air into the space above the swimming pool.  As these skylights age they need maintenance on the operable components. The problem is no one knows how to properly perform these repairs (We do). The owner asked that we keep them non-operable because previous repairs had immobilized the skylight.  Additionally, he had attempted a repair on the skylights while replacing his roof. The person responsible for this decided to run the roofing material up onto the skylights. Not only did it not work but the Holiday Inn Corporate told the owner that they would not keep the property as a Holiday Inn if he didn’t get this corrected promptly.

What We Did:

  • We provided a survey and consultation report. The owner originally thought that our repair costs were too high. I invited him to check around and get other quotes, which he did. He contacted me a few months later and commented that my prices were very reasonable!
  • We removed all the exterior steel which was designed to hold the operable skylight components. These were difficult to flash around and were no longer needed.
  • We altered the roofing so it was flashed in properly to the curb of the skylight.
  • We replaced all the acrylic on the skylights, getting custom bent shapes manufactured along with the domes.
  • We re-flashed the ends of the skylight so the owner would not have any issues with future air or water leaks. This is the area where the skylights used to slide over the top of the stationary part of the skylight.

Product Used:

  • 3/16″ Bronze Acrylic Ridge American Skylites
  • Replacement Domes, bronze outer, Acrylic, 76,1/2″ x 79,1/2″, 2 1/2″ flange, 14″ rise


  • The owner was able to afford the repair. (Replacement was too expensive for his budget)
  • The Holiday Inn people were very happy with the way the skylight now looked visually.
  • All leaks were repaired, permanently.


  • Correct the daylighting and solar heat levels required for the space.
  • Reduce dependence on electric lighting—increase energy savings.
  • The owners love the energy savings provided by the new skylights.
  • Increase the facility’s property value.
  • No required maintenance or re-coating costs.

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