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HD Supply Skylight Survey and Skylight Certification

An onsite skylight survey,  inspection and repair was made on July 7th 2007 by Skylight Specialists, Inc.; Represented by Rob Packard. The skylight certification was also performed after the repairs.

Description of all the skylights of concern on the site:

Skylight Certification-814
  1. (45 ea.) 4’ x 8’ nominal heat and smoke vent skylights

What We Found:

These heat and smoke vent skylights are designed to open if there is a fire inside the warehouse. However, if the fire is small and doesn’t have enough heat to melt the link then in some cases, as with these skylights, there is an exterior handle that can be pulled to trigger the skylights. What happens is the skylights pop open (after being pulled by firemen) and the smoke is released from the inside of the building, making it safer for the firemen, for both visibility and for releasing the potentially toxic fumes.

The State of California has fire inspectors that inspect skylights, along with many other fire related inspections. They determine whether the skylights are performing as designed. They simply pull the handle and if it opens, it passes. They also check the temperature on the heat link to see if it falls within the desired range. All heat links have a number stamped on them that indicate at what temperature they will open.

What We Did:

These skylights did not open when the handle was pulled and the maintenance department contacted us as they needed a skylight certification so they would open when needed. (which means for a fire inspector or for a fire)

We manually opened the skylights and were able to perform maintenance to the operating mechanisms to enable them to open. All skylights were then tested to insure they would open when pulling on the handle. All heat links were still soldered and had the correct temperature link for the type of building they were located in.

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