Glass Replacement Radisson Hotel | Denver-Aurora

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  • Location: 3155 S Vaughn Way Aurora, CO 80014
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The hotel’s restaurant has an “outside” dining area with glass walls and a glass skylight as the roof. There is also a glass wall rising above the skylight that illuminates the interior space. Five of the glass units are cracked or shattered.

One of the rooms on the fourth floor of the hotel also has a shattered window that has been temporarily coved with plywood and will be replaced.

Product used:

Graylite® II + Solarban® 60 (3) Clear.

VT – Visible light Transmittance7%
SHGC – Solar Heat Gain Coefficient0.13

This glass was chosen for a couple of aspects.

One is an architectural aspect, it looks almost black from the outside. The other is an extremely low heat gain, very little of the sun’s heat is passed to the interior.

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