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Historic Skylights Get a Facelift

Ridge skylights in downtown Denver were in need of new glazing. The skylights at DISH Grand Central building have two similar skylights that were built to cover the original, historic glass skylights from 1851, which is an unusual design.

We remove the old polycarbonate panels and replace them with new Lexan white polycarbonate panels and new MAGS Bar System. While we have the old panels removed, the crew is able to get inside the skylight and clean the glass on the original historic skylights. Combined with clean glass on the old system, and new white panels on the new system, the staff working in the building below now have the benefits of beautiful daylighting in their work space.

Once the crew removes the old panels you can see that the newer skylight was built to protect the Historic skylight and mitigate issues that the Historic skylight was having. Historical buildings have limitations on structures being removed or changed in any way that takes away from the Historic designation. 

In order to preserve a Historic skylight there are options, like the decision to cover it, as in this case.  If restoration of the original skylight is the goal we can retrofit or repair to meet Historic designations.   

Inside there are two workspaces where the skylights bring in daylight. One is over a conference room, and the other over open desk space. 

In the before and after photos, the difference is drastic. Instead of dark and dirty skylights, the staff can now enjoy diffused, natural daylighting.  

“I do  not think it could have gone any better. Jonathan was great and kept us informed . Cleaned up and  worked well with all the alley issues in getting material up and trash down.I have heard nothing but good things out of Dish. Would highly recommend your company to anyone. Again Thanks for all your efforts on making  this a successful  project for everyone involved!” – Bobby Christian, President – Christian and Associates. 

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