Disney Marina Hotel Skylight Repair

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Round Skylights Take Special Consideration During Skylight Repair

These round skylights are located in the porte cochere for the Disney Marina Hotel. This is the area where you pull up in any kind of weather and unload your vehicle of passengers and cargo. There are beautiful stained glass globes that hang beneath these skylights that “glow” from the natural daylight. Very nice and elegant design.

After consulting with Disney personnel and performing  the survey it was determined that these skylights had basically reached the end of their lifetime and simply needed skylight repair. This work was performed as a typical maintenance issue and did not require additional work on the roof or structure.

Round skylights are typically self flashing skylights. The problem with self-flashing skylights is that they are embedded into the roofing and if are replaced require roofing work.

Additionally, the interior of the curb is round and is either exposed or has interior finish materials attached to it. Therefore, if replacing the entire skylight you also have to take into consideration the interior finish costs.


  • We replaced 12- 88″ round skylight dome sets only.
  • Existing frames were cleaned and gasketing replaced.

Product Used:

  • American Skylites – clear over white dome sets


  • A project that was not complicated but still required coordination and proper custom sizing allowing for contraction and expansion.
  • The client was pleased with our responsiveness in both the consultation and the actual timeliness of the work.
  • The work was scheduled during off hours and the  public was protected by utilizing barricades and caution tape.


  • Correct daylighting and solar heat levels required for the space.
  • Healthy, natural daylight in the space with soft translucent light and accurate color rendition.
  • No required maintenance —individual dome sets are easily replaced.
  • Pleasant conditions for the public under a canopy that did not require additional lighting during the daytime – Saving energy costs.

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