Coors Field Parking Canopy Installation

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  • This parking garage needs to move many people at one time.
  • Access to the floors needs to be designed in a way that keeps the public safe.

Solution :

  • Note the wide stairs to allow the movement of many people at one time.
  • The canopy will provide protection from the weather to keep the stairs safe.
  • The translucent, polycarbonate keeps the area light and airy which is much more comfortable for the public.

Product Used:

  • Reflective Gray CPI Daylighting Pentaglas polycarbonate panels.
  • CPI Daylighting Corrosion Resistant Finish Premium; Sand Color Aluminum Finish. Ten Year Standard Warranty.

What We Did :

  • Provided shops and engineering for the contractor and architect that showed the details needed to solve the problem of the flat spaces between the sloped stairs that allows water to flow into gutters.
  • Timing was critical on ordering the product prior to steel being erected.
  • Installation timing is critical to complete prior to opening day.

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