• 12000 SE 82nd Ave
  • Happy Valley,
  • OR
  • 97086

Skylight Survey and Consultation

Clackamas Town Center is a shopping mall on unincorporated land in the Clackamas area of Clackamas County, Oregon. It opened in 1981. It is managed and co-owned by General Growth Properties and is currently anchored by J.C. Penney, Macy’s (including a separate home store), Nordstrom, and Sears. It also includes a 20-screen Century movie theater.

Skylights of concern are the Acrylic Barrel Vault Skylights

  1. (33 ea.) 6’ x 24’ nominal
  2. (1 ea.) 6’ x 20’ nominal
  3. (2 ea.) 6’ x 16’ nominal
  4. (3 ea.) custom shaped with angled curb ends, various sizes, 6’ width and approximate 70 linear feet.
  5. (6 ea.)  parallelogram shape, (angled skylight ends) 6’ x 33’ nominal

What We Found:

  1. The skylight survey revealed cracked and crazed acrylic, single glazed.
  2. Gaskets degrading.
  3. Minimal structural support.
  4. Operations manager has been repairing or replacing a portion of the lens’s every year.


These skylights are old and beyond their life expectancy. And they show it. The acrylic is brittle and the skylights are actually a fall hazard for anyone on the roof. Replacement is due and recommended.

The skylights should be replaced with a product that has a better quality of light transmittance, more energy efficiency and made of a material, such as polycarbonate or high strength acrylic, that provides security and safety to both the employees working on the roof and the public below.

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