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Mall Skylight Consultation and Survey

Augusta Mall is a two level super-regional shopping mall located in Augusta, Georgia. It opened on August 3, 1978, one week after the now-defunct Regency Mall. It is one of the largest malls in the state of Georgia, and it is the largest mall in the Augusta metro area.

Augusta Mall has five anchors: Dillard’s, JC Penney, Sears, Macy’s, and Dick’s Sporting Goods. Barnes & Noble serves as a junior anchor to the mall. The mall features many higher-end tenants, some of which cannot be found outside of Atlanta.

A skylight consultation onsite inspection was made August 18th 2009 by Skylight Specialists, Inc., represented by Rob Packard and Kevin Hodnett.

Skylights of concern on the site are the Acrylic Curb Mounts and Barrel Vaults:

  1. (42) clear, acrylic domed skylights, single glazed, mill finish frames, curb mount, 10’ x 10’ nominal size, both interior and exterior mount.
  2. (5) tinted, acrylic domed skylights, single glazed, bronze finish frames, 9’ x 9’ nominal size, exterior mount on low curbs.
  3. (4) clear, acrylic domed skylights, single glazed, mill finish frames, curb mount, 5’ x 5’ nominal size, exterior mount.
  4. (2) clear, acrylic and polycarbonate (one unit all polycarbonate, one unit combination of acrylic and polycarbonate) barrel vault skylights, single glazed, 5’ x 15’ nominal size, exterior mount.
  5. Additional single sloped glass skylights located on the raised middle section of roofing adjacent to unit skylights. Single slope glazing that connects the upper and lower roofs. These glass skylights are not included in our inspection. A cursory inspection was done to insure that there were no problems associated with these skylights at this time.

What We Found:

  1. (6) Curb Mount Acrylic Skylights- 10 x 10 nominal. Skylights have cracks and (2) are covered in plastic to prevent leaking.
  2. (4) Curb Mount Acrylic Skylights- 5 x 5 nominal. Skylights all have cracked acrylic and are covered in plastic to prevent leaking. They are also covered with construction tar and silicone #’s 50 thru 53.
  3. (2) – Barrel Vault Skylights have loose , yellowed and weakened polycarbonate glazing. #’s 48 & 49
  4. (13) – Curb Mount Acrylic Skylights 10 x 10 nominal. Skylight frames have been covered with tar. Some have tar on top of the retainer ring and onto the acrylic flange. All have tar like substance on the roof around the perimeter of the skylights; #’s 29 thru 41.
  5. (5) Integral Curb Mount Acrylic Skylights– 9 x 9 nominal #’s 43 thru 47. These skylights are newer than all others; however, the construction/installation of these skylights was not performed properly. The contractor incorrectly assumed that these wood curbs did not need to be built as high as the others. One skylight needs to be replaced and the curb will have to be modified.


Replace all skylights in phases.

Twelve are cracked and covered now to prevent further water mitigation and should be replaced as soon as possible.

The 10×10 skylights are no longer made in acrylic—too many problems from cracking due to expansion/contraction stress.

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