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  • General Contractor: Skylight Specialists, Inc.

Numerous issues were noted during the inspection including cracked and patched domes, frames separating at the corners, and many attempts to prevent leaks from failed seals.

  • WET SEAL ENTIRE SYSTEM: Scrape, clean and wet seal all 56 acrylic dome skylights 6.5’ x 6.5’ each. (2366 SF)
  • REPLACE: Five – 6.5’ x 6.5 pyramid bronze acrylic over clear lenses with like for like. Provide 1 additional lens for hotel to keep on hand.
  • SAND AND PAINT: Remove and paint areas of wood curbs on interior where stains and discoloration are showing.
  • CLEAN INTERIOR RAFTERS: Safely and carefully work to clean the built up dirt and dust on the framing system underneath the ceiling.

Replacing one of the dome sets:

Our original inspection revealed five domes cracked or broken, but during the work, two more failed domes have been found.

Wet sealing the system:

A wet seal involves cleaning the old caulk from the system, then masking and applying new structural, silicone sealant.

Cleaning and repainting:

Tarps are hung below the skylights to protect the lobby and dining areas from debris and paint splatter.

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Tarps protect the lobby.

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