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Skylight Consulting and Survey for the City of Alliance.

We were asked to perform a skylight consulting service for the Alliance Public Library. The library is housed in the Alliance Learning Center  and was completed in 1999. The one-level, handicapped accessible library has many features. A large children’s area. A Technology Room. Reading and study areas. An outdoor reading patio. A large multipurpose Community Room. And a large fiberglass skylight.

Skylight of Concern is the Fiberglass Ridge Skylight:

Alliance Library Skylight Consultation 18892-30.45
Note the color variations of the fiberglass panels.

(1 ea.) 12’ x 135’ nominal. Originally constructed with the building in 1999. Skylight is a standard 2 3/4” thick, fiberglass panelized system with glued aluminum grid core.

What We Found:

  1. Fiberglass outer sheet is showing signs of aging. Fiber blooming is evident over the entire panel, especially at the grid lines and  the western facing panels. Fiber blooming is the disintegration of the fiberglass sheet itself. The existing skylight’s exterior skin is failing and showing signs of yellowing on the interior. Several panels are darker—an indication of further failure. Water can penetrate into the inner panel areas. This can cause the further discoloration, leaks, mold, bad odors and other issues.
  2. Capping is either not sealed with caulking or has been recently caulked. An inferior product was poorly applied. Some paint is peeling on caps.
  3. One panel section was previously replaced, but there is damage to the adjacent panel. It has been penetrated and caulked. An inferior product was poorly applied.
  4. Sill flashing between the skylight and the roof is damaged by hail. The flashing is improperly designed and installed. The flashing does not have proper overlap and the up stand behind the counter-flashing is only one inch. This allows water penetration during windy rain storms.

Our Skylight Consulting Recommendations:

We highly recommend a budget to replace the entire skylight within the next five years with a new polycarbonate, engineered skylight system. A five-year plan could include resealing the existing fiberglass skylight with new gel-coat. Re-caulking the caps. Repairing the flashing and other roofing issues. Repairs should be performed no later than 2014, due to continued deterioration of the fiberglass as exposed to the sun. Replace the skylight within five years.

Inspection/Certification Nationwide — It all starts with a simple phone call.

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