Acrylic Skylight Repair and Retrofit

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The 470,000-square-foot North Valley Tech Center was acquired by Global Pacific in 2014. Global Pacific sees the property at Interstate 25 and East 84th Avenue as a future redevelopment site, but is currently upgrading the facility.

The Problem:

The seven acrylic barrel vault skylights and thirty one acrylic dome skylights suffer from a number of problems:

  • Sealants have degraded.
  • Gaskets have degraded to the point of failure.
  • The outer acrylic skylight lenses have become brittle and faded.
  • Some outer acrylic skylight lenses are cracked or warped.

What We Did:

The acrylic barrel vault skylights were replaced with new acrylic skylights.

acrylic skylight repair 21354-comp

Curbs were adjusted to create standard sizes in order to maintain lower costs.

Refurbishing the dome skylights is the low cost solution. We will:
Raise curbs—these skylights are set too low to deal with Colorado snow.
Wet seal the 31 acrylic dome skylights.

acrylic skylight repair 21354-comp-3

Product Used:

  • Seven American Skylights 8′ X 20′ 5 Bay Barrel Vault Unit Skylights
  • Thermally Broken Bronze / Clear Acrylic Glazing Mill Finish Frame Closed Vertical Ends Center Mullion Running Length
  • Dow Corning 795 silicone structural sealant.


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