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Our inspection of the DoubleTree Suites by Hilton Hotel Atlanta in October 2016 revealed multiple problems and the decision was made to make changes. We saved the hotel money by not installing brand new skylights. The frames and structure were in adequate condition and far too expensive to replace entirely.

In addition the exposure and disruption to the hotel would have increased dramatically had we replaced the entire skylights instead of just the domes.

  • Several of the domes are cracked and need replaced.
  • The skylights are old and have exceeded their life expectancy.
  • The skylights are energy sponges, letting in too much heat in the summer and losing heat in the winter.
  • The roofing around the skylights is relatively new and in good shape.
  • The curbs and support structure are adequate.
  • The rafters under the skylights have collected dust over the years and should be cleaned, which we can do while the skylights are being replaced.

We replaced the old bronze acrylic with new white, polycarbonate, fall-protected domes. Work was coordinated in such a way where all prep work was done prior to removing any acrylic. This way we were able to reduce the time the skylights were open to the area below.

The entire job took 3-4 days, but  with our careful planning, the switch-out of the domes only took one. This minimized the exposure to the elements and disruption of the hotel’s normal business.

The hotel employees were ecstatic!

Before and After:

  • Fall protection provided by polycarbonate lenses dramatically increases safety for hotel employees and guests.
  • Improved daylighting—Diffuse lighting without hot spots or glare and showing true colors.
  • No Leaks! For years to come.

Inspection/Certification Nationwide — It all starts with a simple phone call.

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