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The repair needed at the Four Seasons Town Centre consisted of not so much a repair, but of the removal of parts of a skylight and then the replacement of the same parts.

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Four Seasons Town Centre mall, owned by General Growth Properties, was in the process of replacing the roof. However, there was an issue with some of the skylights and how closely they were installed to each other. The skylights were originally installed in an offset manner, overlapping each other at their ends and creating a sort of zigzag appearance. Where they overlapped created a gutter area that was practically inaccessible.

The manager of the mall called upon our services—we had successfully performed skylight and wall light replacement work for him several years ago. We removed sections of the overlapping skylights allowing the roofer to effectively re-roof the gutter area.

  • We coordinated with the roofers and their schedule to insure a well planned job that went off without a hitch.
  • With the first set of skylights removed and set aside the roofers performed their work. While the roofers worked on the first set we worked on removing the skylights from the second set. Then when the roofers finished the first set we re-assembled the skylights while they worked on the second set. We leapfrogged in this manner until all skylights were complete.
  • We performed skylight repairs as necessary as the skylights were reassembled insuring years of worry free use.

Product Used:

  • No products were used in this case since we just removed and replaced the same skylights.

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