Naples Skylight and Space Frame Replacement

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Naples, Florida project that requires the replacement of a steel Uni-Strut space frame along with a new skylight

We are replacing a steel frame space frame that sits on the coast in Naples, FL. The steel has rusted to the point of losing it’s structural integrity. The new space frame will be manufactured by Conservatek and the new skylight will be manufactured by CPI. Because this skylight is over an atrium we will be putting a monolithic polycarbonate panel, called U-Lite, on the space frame. The U-Lite product is shaped similar to a standing seam roof which allows it to shed water without ever leaking. This product will be installed with clear materials to allow for both a view and to let in the maximum amount of light into the atrium. Heat build-up is not a concern as the atrium is open to the elements.

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