Smoke Vents Links & Fusible Links

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Fusible Links are Components of Smoke Vents.

In this blog post, we will explore the importance of heat and smoke vent fusible link replacements and why it is crucial to ensure that your system is operating correctly.

Fusible Link-3
Interior view of smoke vent

Heat and smoke vent fusible links are components of smoke vents that are essential for the effective operation of natural smoke ventilation systems. In the event of a fire, smoke vents help to remove smoke and heat from the building, providing a safe and clear escape route for occupants.

However, if the fusible links are not working effectively, occupants can be put at risk, and the effectiveness of the ventilation system can be compromised.

Fusible Links Initiate the Opening of the Smoke Vents.

Fusible links are designed to melt at a specific temperature, triggering the smoke vent to open automatically. The melting of the link is caused by a fire, which then releases the vents, allowing smoke and heat to escape.

Fusible Link Smoke Vent-2
Fusible Link Smoke Vent

It is essential that fusible links are regularly inspected and replaced to ensure that they are working effectively.

If they are not replaced and are not functioning correctly, they can prevent smoke vents from opening, causing smoke to build up, which can be dangerous for occupants attempting to escape. During a fire, the concentration of oxygen (O2) typically drops to 10-15%, at which point death from asphyxia occurs. Between 60% and 80% of all sudden deaths occurring at the scene of a fire are attributed to smoke inhalation.

Be Safe and Schedule Regular Maintenance.

Fusible links should be replaced every five years, as per the Building Regulations. However, in high-risk areas such as kitchens, industrial units, and high-temperature zones, regular inspections and replacements should be carried out more frequently.

If maintenance checks reveal that the fusible links are not functioning correctly, they should be replaced immediately.

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Opening skylight for link access.

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