El Paso Coroners Office SolaQuad Intelligent Daylighting

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Installation of controllable or adjustable daylighting in vertical walls

CPI SolaQuad Wall lites in process of installation. These polycarbonate wall lites have adjustable baffles installed internally in the panels and have the ability to maintain or control the light on the interior according to what your needs are. Intelligent glazing gauges the sun’s position, then dynamically manages the desired sunlight transmission and shading inside the space. A wall controller provides the user with manual or fully automated management of daylighting levels for optimal performance. See blog posts and more detailed information under our Daylighting Systems Blogsite in the left hand column.

  • Economical sustainability for green construction
  • Uniform sunlight and shade distribution
  • Fosters a comfortable and productive environment
  • Allows for controlled daylighting design strategies and benefits
  • Energy savings
  • Glare control
  • Solar control
  • Light pollution control
CPI Daylighting SolaQuad Wall Lights on the El Paso Co., CO Coroners Office
Construction of the CPI Daylighting SolaQuad Wall Lights is nearing completion.

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