Downtown Seattle Skylight Project

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Seattle, Washington is a perfect place to install a polycarbonate glazing system The parking garage at 3rd & Pine, Seattle, WA has been covered with CPI Daylighting Pentaglas® single panel Wall Lights.

We currently are working on a project that is really not a skylight, although we are using skylight type materials. The project is renovating an existing parking garage that has been an eyesore for years and years in downtown Seattle. We are installing panels around the perimeter of the building which hides the ugly concrete and hand railings.

There are several reasons which make this CPI Daylighting product the perfect material to use for this application. First of all we are able to install the entire project from the interior of the eight story garage without having to use special equipment to access it from the outside. Second, the material prevents the public from seeing through it yet it allows light into the building. And third, the material prevents the wind and rain from blowing in on the cars as it has in the past.

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