Difficult Glass Replacement in Keystone

Difficult Glass Replacement in Keystone

Owner Struggles to Find Solution to Glass Issue at Keystone, CO

At the popular skiing resort Keystone in Colorado, an out of state owner discovered that three panes of glass had cracked atop her 5th floor condominium. She explained to us the she was having a hard time finding anyone who could help. Not only was it on the 5th floor, but it was apart of a much larger 24 bay system that was steeply sloped.  That’s when our experience and expertise stepped in.

We were able to properly diagnose and replace all her broken units, and do it safely and cost effectively, giving her an increase in property value (no one wants to buy a condo with broken skylights).

If you want to read more, check out the project here: Keystone Condo Needs Glass Replacement

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