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Finding ways to permanently solve troublesome or seemingly impossible-to-find leaks on commercial skylights

Commercial skylights are designed and built by many different manufactureres located all over the United States. In some ways they are all very similiar and in other ways they are very different in design. Additionally, the installation of the product varies from jobsite to jobsite. Having the knowledge, experience and all the skills required to troubleshoot and repair commercial skylights takes years of exposure to the various problems we have seen over the last 30 years.

We have seen skylights where they were located near a busy freeway and just needed to be dismantled and cleaned of all the years of dirt blocking the weepage or condensation channels, we’ve seen more than one job where roofers tarred the exterior and completely ruined the acrylic domes and aluminum caps, (which we replaced instead of an entire new skylight) we’ve seen installers leave the factory applied clear protective film on flashing which could not be sealed and therefore leaked, we’ve seen fiberglass skylights either need some of the panels replaced or all of the panels replaced, we’ve seen a shopping center put into the budget semi-annual repairs to drywall because nobody could find the leaks before we repaired the skylight, (very inexpensively, I might add)  we’ve seen space frames rusted and structurally unsound and needing replaced with modern aluminum ball and strut product.

These are just a few projects that we saved literaly millions of combined dollars in repairing a skylight that no one could find the solution to. We were able to do this, again, because of a lifetime of experience in troubleshooting and repairing commercial skylights.

Our references on our website speak for themselves.

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