Aerogel Insulating Techniques on Skylights

Energy Efficient and Green Building Skylights

ACRALIGHT’s new NanoStar™ Skylights are your blueprint for unsurpassed Energy-efficient performance and reduced sound transmission. Utilizing the Nanogel® Aerogel insulating material, the NanoStar™ Skylight is 80% more energy efficient. Achieve outstanding long-term energy savings for minimal additional cost.

The NanoStar™ Skylight provides the benefits of Green Building with eco-daylighting and reduced energy consumption and emissions. To satisfy the new Energy Codes, select the NanoStar™ Skylight, and rest assured that you are utilizing one of the most energy efficient skylights on the market today. The NanoStar™ Skylight = Energy Savings.

NanoStar™ is available for commercial, industrial and residential unit skylight applications in numerous standard sizes. Custom sizes are also available.

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