Skylight Replacement


Evaluating the commercial skylight to determine whether it has reached it’s life expectancy

Many buildings are reaching the age where the original skylight has deteriorated and needs some work. Many of these skylights have been either self-maintained or repaired in some way by a local firm. The skylight seems to have reached it’s intended life-span.

You have two choices if your skylight is at this stage:

  1. You hire us to evaluate your skylight. We always start with a free evaluation if you can provide digital pictures. This will provide more detailed information than you may expect. A formal report requires a site inspection, but an informal report via phone and/or email may give you enough information to at least set a budget for your company.
  2. A complete report will determine whether the skylight can be successfully repaired or if it really needs replaced. You may be surprised by how often a skylight does not need replacement.

Progress is underway on the Duke Energy skylight retrofit.In some cases a replacement is required. We are capable of planning the process to prevent interruption of the use of services within the building. Plus, we provide protection for not only our employees and the building occupants, but also for items such as your roof.

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