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Government Contract to Evaluate a Skylight on a St Petersburg Veterans Administration Building, VBA

We have been contracted by Leo A Daly, architect, to discuss the replacement of the existing translucent fiberglass skylight structure to resist a category 4 hurricane. The skylight sits over the main courtyard or atrium of the St. Petersburg Veterans Administration Regional Office Building 46. The inspection was attended by: Santiago Montalvo VBA/CO Reed Kiefer Leo A Daly David Chan Leo A Daly Cliff Hendrickson ECS Dan Wert VARO Maintenance Building Manager Cindy Stock VARO Brian Erbstoesseor Design & Construction Engineering Rob Packard Skylight Specialists Paul Whitfield Skylight Specialists The present structure is rated Cat 2 and needs to be upgraded to a Cat 4. The existing skylight will be removed, some of the framing connections will be added to and a new polycarbonate skylight that meets all the requirements will be spec’d.

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