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Skylight Inspection/Certification

  • An onsite skylight survey and inspection was made on 1/31/2022 by Skylight Specialists, Inc.
  • Represented by Josh Hannon

Skylight on site: One large structural ridge over atrium.

1. Skylight Manufacturer: N/A – Custom Builder

  • One (1) 37’ x 78’ (nominal) glass, ridge, structural skylight.
  • Glazing: Glass, laminate, clear, dual glazed, fall protected.
  • Structure: Perimeter supported, adequate.
  • Anchors: Adequate anchor size and count around perimeter.
  • Curbs: Adequate height.
  • Flashing: Matches existing roof and in good condition.
  • Rating: (1-10 scale) 6.5
  • Expected Life Span: 1-3 years.
  • Evaluation: Beginning stages of seal failure are evident. Frame capping separation is beginning in some areas. Weep holes are non-existent, the system has its own water removal system but avoid application of any exterior sealants, especially at base of framing. No leaks reported or seen, skylight should be monitored closely moving forward.

Overall, the skylight is in acceptable condition and no work is needed at this time. However, with the signs of aging evident general maintenance should be planned for and scheduled when possible. The bare minimum to include monitoring for leaks/water damage, and to avoid applying any type of exterior sealant to the system.

  1. Priority 1 – Immediate (must be done; leaks, life safety etc.)
    a. Do not let any personnel or visitors access to the roof without proper fall protection training and equipment.
  2. Priority 2 – Short Term (should be done within the next year or two)
    a. Repair/Maintenance on glass skylights. (or replace)
  3. Priority 3 – Long term (within 5 years or more)
    a. Re-inspect every five years

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