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Skylight Leak Causes Major Concerns for the Chef.

The skylight over the Izakaya Den—a popular Japanese gastro pub and the second restaurant of the founder of Sushi Den—was having issues. Not with it’s operational component but with a skylight leak after rainstorms.

Imagine serving a fine dinner to your customers under a beautiful skylight and then having to bring out a bucket and relocate them during a rainstorm. Very embarrassing. The very unique dining experience—eating under a skylight and watching a storm move in—just turned disastrous. The skylight leak forced the tenant to rearrange his seating chart to prevent such disasters from happening at any time.

The roofer for the building attempted some simplistic skylight leak repairs that did not provide any results. The manufacturer had installed the product originally, but they were not located near by and sought us out to provide a consultation and a repair quote to solve the issues.

The consultation determined that although there were minor issues that were not quite completed properly during the original installation, these issues were large enough to cause major inconveniences to the tenants of the building.

What We Did:

  • We found that the rubber gaskets had shrunk and certain areas had not been wet sealed as needed during the original installation.
  • Additionally the interior drain pan had not been sealed at the ends. When water tried to drain out of the pans it went inside instead of outside.
  • Cleaned and wet sealed the exterior glazing
  • Sealed the drain pan to prevent water from entering the interior spaces.

Product Used:


  • No more leaks onto customers’ tables located under the skylight.
  • The client could open or close his skylight in any weather and be confident that he would no longer have skylight leak issues.
  • Happy customers, happy chef!


  • Increased the facility’s property value.
  • Provided a worry free solution that did not break the bank.
  • Provided a repair that would be long term—not just a quick fix.
  • In short, a cost effective solution to a major problem.

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